Disciplinary and Grievance issues

We can provide advice and expertise to guide you through the disciplinary process, coach managers involved and, where necessary, provide HR attendance and advice at formal meetings to ensure procedural risks are minimised. The aim is to minimise the risks of Employment Tribunal proceedings each and every time.

You may be an HR manager who is seeking an independent HR person to assist with a disciplinary or Grievance appeal.

If you are faced with a potential Employment Tribunal claim, receiving early legal advice is vital.  Our extensive experience of working with employment lawyers means we can help identify the risks, efficiently prepare documentation and introduce you to or liaise with legal advisers as appropriate.

Formal Grievances arise infrequently, and wherever possible it is best to address situations before the need for formal procedures arise. We can help you to proactively resolve issues before Grievance procedures are commenced, or help you manage a formal grievance, helping to keep your reputation and employer brand intact.