Dispute resolution

When a dispute arises between an employee and their employer, it is essential to react swiftly.  An organisation needs to be aware of its options within the legal framework; rapidly implementing a strategy for a fast and effective resolution- otherwise it will risk damage to its reputation as well as cost.

That's where we can help. Timely intervention normally achieves the best result.

Wiles HR Solutions has over 35 years’ experience successfully resolving disputes with employees, on behalf of employers, minimising where possible, the detrimental impact of a dispute. 

Whether the issue is redundancy, grievance or disciplinary, or breakdown of relationships between two people, our experience in relationship management can assist in resolving the situation.  We have the expertise and will provide a tailored response for your business to help you stay in control and to ensure that the matter is progressed, allowing you to keep your focus on the business itself. 

We also have experience of liaising with ACAS conciliation officers when a dispute arises.