Performance Management

Performance Management is not simply about sorting out performance issues when things go wrong.

More emphasis is now being given to positively influencing employee performance through greater employee engagement.  

Individuals perform at their best when they understand how their role fits your strategy, and when there are clear expectations set for them in their role, and they can see the joint benefits for themselves and the organisation of delivering good performance.

Research shows that there is a strong correlation between high performance and the role of the line manager, and this is where staff engagement is most frequently influenced.  We can help you work with your managers to identify how they can influence the performance of their team, both on an individual or group basis.

There are times when individual performance does not align with the employer’s expectations. However, this is not always addressed in appraisals or explored to find out the underlying reasons, which can result in the situation deteriorating. Employees are much more aware of their rights and are prepared to challenge so you need to have confidence that your approach to performance improvement is fair and legal.

Through our pro-active approach to performance management, Wiles HR Solutions will help your managers to identify the causes of the underperformance, to then reset expectations within appropriate  timescales for improvement and influencing individual or team engagement with the organisations’ vision and goals. If performance does not improve, then we can advise on or support more formal procedures which either results in improved performance or, at worst, the termination of employment.

This can provide Managers with the knowledge to address other performance issues in the future.